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Hi my name is Bowie Blue South, I was born on January 12, 2018 in Greenville, SC.  I am currently ten and a half months old and am what they call a Saint Berdoodle.  This is where most people who pet me say “a what” to which my owners tell them half Saint Bernard and half Poodle.  Turns out my new owners are huge Saint Bernard fans and that is how they stumbled across my kind of breed when searching online.  My owners say I am the perfect combo of fluffy and fun.  I came to my human family when I was 2 1/2 months old as a gift for the oldest daughter and my most special friend, London.  It was her 10th birthday and I was her big surprise!! I couldn’t wait to meet her and her little brother Wyatt.  After a surprising and tearful introduction London decided to name me Bowie Blue South….she said it was because I have a little dark brown patch right above my tail that looked like a bow and that her favorite color was blue.  I LOVED IT and my new family!
  Some of my most favorite things to do are to go on walks, play with/tear up my toys but above all my favorite thing is to snuggle.  I hear my family call me a human dog a lot but Im not really sure what that means.  I sit like they do, ride in a car like they do, hold hands like they do and give hugs like they do….I am also a great sleeper and love my crate at bedtime but require a 5 minute long hug EVERY morning to start my day:)  People who meet me say my curly white fur is very fitting for my big personality but when I get wet I look like the saddest dog ever.   I am really loving all this cold weather and looking forward to my first Christmas ever.  My family tells me I would love this fat guy called Santa and this fluffy white stuff called snow, hopefully, I will get to see both!
Merry Christmas,